Fundraising and Bankability study for Plastic Waste-to-Biofuel projects

South East Asia

A young SME based in Switzerland was working on a technology to recycle plastics and transform these into biofuel for the airline industry.

At the time, the SME was investigating potential partnerships for funding/engineering/construction of two plants in the Philippines and Malaysia, where plastic waste is a key issue.

Audrey Caulliez-Louis assisted with the fundraising exercise for the two plants, based on off take commitments relating to the sale of biofuel.

On these two transactions, Audrey Caulliez-Louis was responsible for:

• Helping with the preparation of a suitable Information Memorandum

• Assisting with the search for potential industrial equity partners amongst the top energy players

• Preparing a bankability feasibility study involving ECAs, DFIs, Commercial Banks

• Organising introductions and pitches with the company.

Transaction Size



Assess early-stage bankability of biofuel projects and undertake preliminary market-sounding to assess international liquidity